Helping to Create Roots for Education and Well Being

Are we inspiring children in schools at the moment?  Exam pressure can be a weekly experience for some children in schools.  From weekly time-tables tests to SATS.  How do this approach affect our children?  Some children can flourish in this environment, but to what cost; Whilst others simply don’t.  Does it say anything about their intelligence? How does your child cope with being in the bottom set or table at such an early age? Does it motivate him/her to improve or can it be a bit debilitating?

Does this intense approach to learning and remembering facts for exams foster and environment for learning, exploring different subjects that your child may be interested in exploring as they grow older.

With my consultancies I aim to explore these areas that increase our understanding of how the learning process works and is closely linked to our social and emotional state in a variety of ways.

We offer bespoke packages to support children, families and schools to help improve learning outcomes, confidence and self-esteem with a focus on social, emotional and the mental health needs of children.

At Child First Education we believe that the emotional well-being, happiness and motivation to learn what is important to them should be at the heart of each child’s education.

We aim to help foster self-confidence, curiosity and enjoyment towards learning and development in children.  With a background in psychology, therapeutic counselling and education we can provide a holistic educational experience for your child.

Unfortunately in many schools this can be a hard thing for a child to become.  The testing and assessment based culture of schools can breed an environment where at a young age children understand learning more and more as work and less and less towards enjoyment, experience, learning and growing.

We do this by providing one-to-one tuition, online tutoring, mentoring, observations, training for parents on child development/education, workshops and referrals.