Lafcadio The Lion Who Shot Back by Shel Silverstein

I am bound to recommend a lot of Shel Silverstein books on here as he is one of, if not my favorite children’s story teller.  One of his longer children’s stories and about a lion who stands up to hunters, thinks he loves marshmallows and ventures into the city riding lifts and becoming famous.  It’s written with wonderful humor, adventure, and rhythm.

First published back in 1963, Lafacadio is confronted with a hunter and decides to stand up to him by eating him all up.  After trying to eat the ‘funny stick’ and bullets too, he ends up taking them back and practicing and practicing using this ‘funny stick’ until he becomes quite the talented shooting Lion.  A famous circus owner Finchfinger then meets Lafcadio and invites him to the city with the promise of marshmallows.  Lafcadio adjusts to city life, marshmallows and other things that people do on his journey to fame and slowly starts to forget his origins.

I recommend this book to children and adults of all ages.  In fact, I only discovered it as an adult and I know for sure I would have loved it just as much as a child.  I find that children love the writing style of this book, the ease in which it can be read and the rhythm in his writing.