‘It was the mass education systems of the industrial age that began using precise marks on a regular basis.  After both factories and government ministries became accustomed to thinking in the language of numbers, schools followed suit.  They started to gauge the worth of each student according to his or her average mark, whereas the worth of each teacher and principal was judged according to the school’s overall average.  Once bureaucrats adopted this yardstick, reality was transformed.

Originally, schools were supposed to focus on enlightening and educating students, and marks were merely a means of measuring success.  But naturally enough schools soon began focusing on achieving high marks.  As every child, teacher and inspector knows, the skills required to get high marks in an exam are not the same as a true understanding of literature, biology or mathematics.  Every child, teacher and inspector also knows that when forced to choose between the two, most schools will go for the marks.’

Quite a neat little summary of education today, that I wanted to share.  Yuval Noah Harari is famous for two books; Sapiens and Homo Deus.  Both highly recommended from us here at ChildFirstEducation.