Hi, I just wanted to say that Joe Atkinson tutored my son recently and he was wonderful. My son is autistic. Joe built a lovely rapport with him very quickly. My son had been out of school for about 6 months but he managed to get Josh eager to learn again, which was amazing to see.”

We hired Joe for about 12 months to tutor our daughter twice a week in preparation for the Kent Test.  The results became evident after only a few weeks whereby our daughter was consistently performing top of her class in maths tests.  In addition our daughter displayed a renewed level of confidence towards all areas of her school work and was inspired to attain higher levels of academic achievement than she previously thought within her grasp.  I have experience of several tutors and Joe is undoubtedly a cut above them all.”

“With this letter, I would like to express special thanks for the great and tremendous work that Joseph did for our little private school in Ukraine and still continues doing now.  We launched a distant learning program a year ago and Joseph was instrumental in helping us in delivering the highest level of classic British education to kids in grades 4 to 9.  Joseph’s efforts in teaching English through Math, Natural Science and just conventional English resulted in outstanding improvements in language skills and the confidence level.  Joseph is the best teaching professional who excels in what he does, he is not afraid of new challenges and is simply the best Teacher with a capital T.  (Pavel/owner”

“Joe has been tutoring my 7yr old daughter for the past year. She has adhd and dyslexia and he is very patient, creative and caring. She really looks forward to her lessons which is a massive turn around or us. Joe is a very calming influence and she is making steady progress. Joe is good at feeding back  her strengths and identifying areas to work on. I would highly recommend him as a tutor.”

“Joe was recommended to me by a friend and has tutored my 8 years old son J to help him with his writing.
J always find it difficult to put in writing the ideas he has and Joe’s fun approach and choices of learning topics really worked for my son in developing his confidence.
J always enjoyed his time with Joe.
Once at the end of a lesson J could not stop talking about the story Joe introduced him to. It was about the Greek mythology of Theseus and the Minotaur and we spent a weekend searching for more Greek myths. This made me realised J has a real interest for myths and general historical facts and he enjoys now writing his own stories.
Thank you Joe for your help that has really made a difference in J’s attitude towards writing.”

“By the end of KS1 my 7 year old son didn’t seem to have clicked with maths. He enjoyed school lessons, but was struggling with the basics and as he started Year 3 I was worried the fast-paced KS2 curriculum was soon going to see him left behind. We asked Joe to come and help him build his core maths skills; he’s been tutoring H for around 5 months now and it’s had a fantastic impact – both on his ability and understanding, and his confidence. Joe’s lessons are fun, interactive, flexible and targeted and H always looks forward to his visits. H has no idea he’s being tutored (which was important to us), he’s really proud of his learning, and we’re reassured that he’s improving. A win-win situation!”

“Personally, we have found Joe to be an absolutely outstanding tutor. [I] looks forward every day to the new challenges that Joe sets him and is a real asset in boosting [I’s] confidence as well as bringing [I’s] understanding of Maths and English to a much improved level. Joe deserves credit for the way he deals with [I], his daily punctuality and how easy it is to have a tutor like Joe in the house. He is a credit to the teaching/tutoring profession.”

“Joe came in a few times over the summer holidays to help my 13 year son with his (very poor) handwriting – the result of not enjoying the feel of paper. Tom quickly learned some new techniques and he noticed a huge improvement on his return to school. The sessions were enjoyable and Joe’s approach was all about confidence boosting.”

“Through his creative and adaptive way of presenting his teaching, Joe has helped our son gain confidence and understanding. Our son has often found the school environment challenging and seeing him develop confidence and the enthusiasm to learn has been rewarding for us to see, as has the big smile on his face at the end of his lesson!”

“Joe has been our son H’s tutor for the last 2 years. He is now 8 years old. Working primarily on maths and english, Joe has a fantastic approach to teaching these subjects so he really enjoys the sessions and retains his learning. He is kind and patient and always encourages [H] with his learning. Joe has always been reliable and we are really happy he is [Hs] tutor.”

 “Our daughter [S] was not enjoying maths and as a consequence not really enjoying school. We asked Joe to help and very quickly she gained confidence in the subject. This transformed her feelings about maths and significantly improved her understanding. [S] always looks forward to seeing Joe and we are delighted that he has restored her interest in learning maths.”

 “Joe was called in like the cavalry to boost confidence after my son was experiencing a tricky time in school. He made an instant difference with patience, calm and humour. My 9 year old son looks forward to his lesson and he has excelled in his maths class. ‘Is Joe coming tonight?’ is one of the first questions on Monday morning and although Joe rarely sets homework a book he left recently was immediately read by my son and then read again to a neighbour. Always punctual, thoroughly accommodating and happy with a jug of water and a bowl of grapes to snack on. I have recommended him to a friend and we are lucky to have him.”

“Joe has tutored my 9 year old dyslexic son for a little less than a school year. My son was always previously intimidated by maths and lacking in confidence. Joe’s fun approach has been wonderful for us as my son has enjoyed learning maths and has said that Joe helps him hugely. His confidence has grown and, with it, his willingness to try. On his maths exams, he has gone from a D student to achieving 75% this year. We now need to work on mental maths but I am confident that with Joe’s help, he will continue to improve and achieve his real potential. I have recommended Joe to others and am very grateful for the help he has given my son. “

“With the pressures of SATs, I felt my daughter needed some much needed motivation to get her to do a little bit extra, reinforce what she was learning in school, and boost her confidence. I had always helped her in the past, but in year 6, homework had become more of a long argument with little work to show for at the end. I decided that she needed help from someone who was not me, so I got a her tutor. Joe did a really fantastic job: he could do work with her in an hour that would have taken me and her a few more and a lot of stress. And she was enjoying herself! She listened to him and took on board his advice. I was particularly impressed by the work Joe did with her on literacy, boosting her vocabulary, imagination and productivity so that she could achieve a higher level in writing compositions. So if you need a tutor you kids will be happy to see and deliver results, Joe is your man!”

“We have been really happy with Joe’s work with [J]. It was a testament to Joe’s approach that not only did [J] not mind having to do extra work, but he looked forward to his lessons. Many thanks.”

“[R]’s confidence has grown so much during her time with you and I know you will be missed. Thankyou for all your time spent preparing her for the next big step in her life.”

“I hope you have had just as much fun as [J] has in his time with you. He has learnt so much and is filled with wonderful facts.”

“We decided on a tutor as our 8 year old was beginning to complain that ‘she hated maths’. I felt that much of this came from a lack of confidence in her ability and understanding. Joe has been tutoring her for almost a year now and the difference is palpable; her confidence in her lessons at school has been noted by her teacher and her exam results have increased dramatically. However, the most important thing for me is that she secretly quite likes Maths now; this I credit to Joe’s enthusiastic and child friendly style, his encouragement of her small successes and his dedication to improving her overall grasp of the subject. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a tutor.”

 “Joe came to help [B] after a short but bad experience with another tutor. [B] needed to gain confidence especially with his written work. Joe’s range of techniques fitted [B]’s personality so well and the combination of teacher and psychologist has certainly helped [B]immensely. His headteacher has since said to me ‘whatever you have been doing at home, keep doing it, its working’…..”