Category: Child Psychology

Child Development and Learning

The brain can be split up into three parts; Reptilian, Mammalian and Rational. They are built on top of each other and all have completely different roles in our development. REPTILIAN: This is the deepest and most ancient part of the human brain. It has largely been unchanged by evolution and is responsible for activating all instinctual survival-related behaviour e.g.…

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The Stress Response and Learning

Stress Response and Learning The Stress response affects all of us.  As we have evolved throughout the millions of years we have been around it has been essential to our survival. Now, however maybe it is not as useful as it once was.  And how does it affect our learning and development growing up and in schools.  Why do we…

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Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindest

Since I first discovered and read about the differences between growth and fixed mindsets I always try to keep them in mind whilst teaching, working or being with children and indeed adults as well. Carol Dweck pioneered this research into the different mindsets and she believes and her research shows that focusing and encouraging on effort instead of talent is…

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