Pupil: “Nice guy, really funny, good teacher and helps you through a lot.”

Pupil: “You’re welcoming and kind.  You make things very east to understand and you make the times tables fun.  You’re a wise man.”

Pupil: Joseph has really helped me study for my math year 9 school entrance exam. He had his ways of explaining things so that I understood them well. Also, he has helped me remember what I have learned in years 5 and 6.  I enjoyed every lesson with him and I recommend him to everyone.

“Joe is great! He’s really funny and he will make you laugh to help you learn your maths. p.s. I really recommend him”

“I enjoyed the three sessions with Joe and quickly learned some new ways to hold the pen and to improve my technique. My exercise books are already much better”

“Joe is a very inspirational tutor and I feel like he will lead me all the way no matter what. Joe is the most positive person I know and he got has raised me to the level I am today. He is so much fun and if I have a topic I am interested in he will look into it with me straight away and he is always very happy. “I like joe because he provides a lot of effort and intensity in his work. He makes Maths and English really fun and enjoyable. Joe has taught me for three years. He helped me get into a school with his amazing ability of teaching and creating something that you want to learn more. Joe can make Maths and English really easy by his creativity and his love of teaching.”

 “I enjoy seeing Joe because he makes maths fun.”

“Joe helped me”

“I really love it when Joe comes to help me in Maths and English. I love playing his tennis ball game when we throw a ball and shout the answer as we say our times table.”

“I thought he was funny and made learning more fun. If you get him on a Thursday and your child has a big write or something like that, he is really good at getting your child a high level in writing”

“Joe has helped me academically by improving my confidence at school. He is a very kind teacher who taught me a variety of topics (mostly English and Maths)”