Our Founder

Joe Atkinson BSc PGcE Dip PGCert

BSc Psychology  –  PGCE  Primary School Teaching  –  PGCert  Addiction Psychology and Counselling  –  Dip  Play Therapy


I have so far followed a winding and diverse Career path leading through working with addictions, in schools abroad and in schools in London both as a teacher and a therapist.

After studying to become a Play Therapist I realised that so often schools were so pressurised it was very hard for me to maintain and support children to develop holistically and uniquely in a this rather assessment focused education.  I couldn’t go back to working in a school.

I left school to become a therapist, began tutoring and started to home-school children instead.  I researched schools around the world which were free from assessments based education, more independent and free and have seen far happier children which take their learning into their own hands and are far more likely to regard learning as fun rather then work.

I have since gone on to tutor children in primary schools with a focus on raising confidence and helping children to re-discover some joy and curiosity in their learning.

Approaching 10 years of experience in Education working in Schools as a teacher, therapist and privately with families as a tutor and home-school teacher.

My psychological background and child-centred approach to education and learning can be a breath of fresh air for children.

I have home-schooled a child for 4.5 years aged 10-14 and tutored children/worked with families across London with focus on school entrance exams (Alleyns, Putney High, Dulwich College, Colfe’s), 11+, 7+, confidence, self-esteem and a range of other issues.

I have worked with children and families from all over the world with autism, down syndrome, dyslexia, ADD, auditory processing, emotional/behavioral difficulties, epilepsy and selective mutism.