Joe The Author

I started writing children’s stories whilst studying to be a play therapist and playing around with different therapeutic stories wrote specifically for children. It was a process that I enjoyed so much, that I continued to write for fun afterwards and would share my favourite stories with the children that I teach.  I have built up a small collection. The ‘Owl That Didn’t Know How’ is one of my favourites and my first self-published book.

Carolina Caceido is Colombian and lives in Bogota.  We met a few years back through my wife and she has been adding illustrations to some of my favourite stories for a number of years now.  

To buy the book follow the link below to amazon.

Follow the innocent and curious Mr Owl around on his journey of discovery as to how things happen?….how things work?….. how can some things do that?…… how can some animals do other things? A book aimed at 2-6 year old early philosophers. Click on the book to follow the link to amazon to buy. £5.99

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