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Child Development and Learning

The brain can be split up into three parts; Reptilian, Mammalian and Rational. They are built on top of each other and all have completely different roles in our development. REPTILIAN: This is the deepest and most ancient part of the human brain. It has largely been unchanged by evolution and is responsible for activating all instinctual survival-related behaviour e.g.…

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The Stress Response and Learning

Stress Response and Learning The Stress response affects all of us.  As we have evolved throughout the millions of years we have been around it has been essential to our survival. Now, however maybe it is not as useful as it once was.  And how does it affect our learning and development growing up and in schools.  Why do we…

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What do to do if you’re experiencing any trouble with learning?

A young monk approached the abbot. “Master, please help me. My meditation is terrible. I can’t sit still, I can’t concentrate, thoughts of other things distract me all the time. I feel a complete failure.” “Be calm. It will pass.” A month later the young monk once more approached the abbot. “Master, thank you for your wisdom. Now my meditation…

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