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What do to do if you’re experiencing any trouble with learning?

A young monk approached the abbot. “Master, please help me. My meditation is terrible. I can’t sit still, I can’t concentrate, thoughts of other things distract me all the time. I feel a complete failure.” “Be calm. It will pass.” A month later the young monk once more approached the abbot. “Master, thank you for your wisdom. Now my meditation…

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Lafcadio The Lion Who Shot Back by Shel Silverstein

I am bound to recommend a lot of Shel Silverstein books on here as he is one of, if not my favorite children’s story teller.  One of his longer children’s stories and about a lion who stands up to hunters, thinks he loves marshmallows and ventures into the city riding lifts and becoming famous.  It’s written with wonderful humor, adventure,…

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