The Bingle Bong Guy

There’s a creature in the sky

He’s the bingle bong guy

He floats around up high

Yep you guessed it he can fly

There’s a creature in the world

She’s the bongle bing girl

She lives down below

Oh she can put on quite a show

The bingle bong guy had some problems in the sky

There’s no friends up there, he looks, he really tries

The bongle bing girl has some problems down below

There’s no friends down here, when she looks they all go.

The bingle bong up high and the bongle bing down low

They have the same problem and I wonder if they know.

“Oh its hard being High”

“Oh its hard being Low”

“meet there in the middle you silly fools”

“come on give it a go”

“Who’s that” says bongle bing

“Who’s that” says bingle bong

They both heard the words but who did it come from?

Bingle bong went down

Bongle bing went up

“Where are you from you’re like me?”

“I know, I can see!”

“I’m bingle bong I live up there”

“There’s no one up there it’s not FAIR!”

“I’m bongle bing I live down here”

“I can’t find anyone its so hard to hear!”

Bingle bong flew down

Bongle bang jumped up

Once they met they were friends

They didn’t need anyone else

They lived happily ever after

There was no-one else… else.