The Girl That Forgot About Tomorrow

In a far away land there was a huge wood,

and in this wood there was a medium sized lake.

Next to the medium sized lake there was a medium sized village,

and in this medium sized village, there was a small wooden house.

In this wooden house their lived a tiny girl called Nelly.

Now even though she was so tiny, she was very special.  She could make or fix anything that the villages could ever dream of getting made. You see most toys have stickers on them saying “Made in China” or “Made in Taiwan”, well in this village all the stickers said “Made in Nelly’s Small Wooden House!”.

All the villagers would come to Nelly for help with building things. I’ll give you an idea of the kind of things the villagers wanted for themselves:

  1. An old man who needed a walking stick.
  2. A princess with no shoes for the ball.
  3. A village soldier with no shield or sword
  4. A family with no oven to cook food.
  5. A strong man with no weights to lift.
  6. An actress with no costumes.
  7. A boy with no toy cars.
  8. And a musician with no instruments.

I am sure you can imagine how popular she was in this village and I am sure that if you went to any of the houses in the village you would not find one house that did not own something with a “Made in Nelly’s Small wooden House” sticker.

But no-one really knew much about Nelly, apart from the fact that she was just incredibly good at making anything, the villagers never took the time to get to know her.  As soon as they collected whatever Nelly had made for them they were always so excited they would run home as fast as they could to see how it worked or looked in their house (apart from the old man of course who had not ran for years).

The old man seemed to have a bit more time than the rest of the villagers and found himself feeling a little curious of Nelly. One day this old man for who she made a walking stick asked if he could come and rest on a chair after he had been for a long walk with his new walking stick.

Of course Nelly was busy making things for the villagers but she still invited him in. Now although she was good at making things, if you looked around her house then hardly anything had a “Made in Nelly’s Small Wooden House” sticker. This was because she had hardly anything in her house, only the tools to make things.  It was lucky she had just the one chair for the old man to sit on.  Nelly had to stand as he sat down.  She wasn’t used to guests.

The old man thought about how bare it was.

“So tell me Nelly” he questioned  “all the villagers have belongings made by you, shoes, ovens, swords, toy cars……  Where are all your belongings? Why haven’t you made much for yourself?”

“Well, I am just soooo busy.  I have always planned to make the stuff for my house tomorrow. Look if you see I have a list of what I want to make marked today and tomorrow.”

She shows him a list Marked Today and Tomorrow.

“The trouble is, as soon as I get close to tomorrow, it seems to become today instead and I have to wait AGAIN. Tomorrow seems so close and yet so far away! And always today’s to-do-list seems more important then tomorrows to-do- list”

“Oh Nelly”, said the old man shrugging his shoulders. “Oh Nelly, Oh Nelly Oh Nelly.”

He takes a deep breath and tries to explain what tomorrow means.

“You know there is a tomorrow in every day. Today is yesterdays tomorrow. Tomorrow is today’s tomorrow and yesterday is the day before yesterdays tomorrow. So you see there is a tomorrow in everyday. Today is really also a tomorrow.  You just keep forgetting that it is yesterday’s tomorrow and not today’s.”

Puzzled Nelly just stared at the old man.  She didn’t really understand what he was talking about.  Silly old man she must of thought.

“How can it be tomorrow today” she said chuckling “tomorrow, TODAY!! Ahahahahah”

He even wrote it on one of those whiteboards that teachers have in the hope that it would make her understand.  She just looked bewildered.

“But look around you” said the old man “you have never seen a tomorrow have you, look at your tomorrow list, it keeps growing and growing and growing.  One of these days must be tomorrow and today is yesterdays tomorrow!!”

“It’s coming” Said Nelly confidently, “I am sure tomorrow there will be a tomorrow. It sure is about time”

“Ok” replied the old man.  “How about if I come back tomorrow and if it is another today, tomorrow then I will help you with a new plan so you have more time to make things for yourself and if it is tomorrow, tomorrow then I will leave you in peace to do your work?”

“Sure thing”  Nelly said still looking rather confused.

That night after Nelly had finished with her work on today’s list, she looked closely at tomorrow’s list.  “Come on” she thought as the evening went by “come on tomorrow!!!”

She thought that if she stayed up all night till midnight and didn’t go to sleep she would be able to catch tomorrow before it became today again.  She was excited as she had never tried that before but she was so tired from finishing today’s list that she fell asleep.

“Oh no” she screeched as she woke up.  “It’s today now!!”

Villagers were already queuing up outside her door writing a list of things to make for today.

“When will it ever be tomorrow” she grumbled as she looked at her new list for today.

As promised the old man turned up at her house.

“So??” he said waiting in anticipation “what happened”

Nelly looked at the old man disappointingly “still no tomorrow” she said.

“How can tomorrow be so far away and so close at the same time?”

He was a bit more prepared today.

“Now the thing is you keep forgetting that there is a tomorrow in everyday said the old man” as he got out his teachers whiteboard again.

“yes yes, there is a today in tomorrow and a today in yesterdays tomorrow”

“But I keep on forgetting when it becomes a new today! How can I remember old man?”

“So you’re the girl who keeps forgetting about tomorrow. We need to find a way to help you remember tomorrow”

Remembering tomorrow, rembemering torromow, retembering domorrow he thought over and over in his head,

He gets out his board again, and goes through the same thing.

“Ok let’s think of a new way” he says

He scrubs out the list for today and tells all the villagers to go away for her putting up a sign saying “TOO BUSY TODAY.  COME BACK TOMORROW” on the door.

“You see I bet they won’t forget about the tomorrow”

Together they make stickers reminding her.

They make badges reminding her.

They made sign reminding her.

They make an alarm clock for her in the morning that goes off saying “There is a tomorrow in today!”

And finally they make her a new list.

“So” the old man explained “Today we start from today” does that make sense?

“yes yes! I know about today”

“And tomorrow we will call today’s tomorrow”

He started to write a new calendar for her,

Today’s List Today’s Tomorrow List Tomorrow’s Tomorrow List The Day After Tomorrow’s Tomorrow list The Day After Tomorrow’s Tomorrow’s Tomorrow List.
Chair for Sarah

Table for Peter

Bike for Harry

Toilet for Leona


Dinner table, dishwasher for Nelly

Rocking chair for Sandra

Saxophone for Terry

With her new list, her stickers and her badges and her alarm clock she was able to write all the things on her list that she wanted to make still allowing some space for her to make her villagers something and for her to think about what she wanted to make for herself.

She also seemed to have more time for breaks and to do other things. The wait for tomorrow was finally over for Nelly.  She doesn’t worry if she does not get things completed from today’s list as she always has tomorrow, today’s tomorrow, tomorrow’s tomorrow…well you get the idea by now.

And that is why the days of the week were invented J