The Owl That Didn’t Know How

An Owl lived high up in a tree in the forest.  Every day he would look out into the vast forest and with wonder he would think how does everything work, how did that tree get next to that tree, how did that sun move across the sky, how did it, how did it, How did it. So this curious owl had an idea, that one day instead of sitting on his branch and wondering  how decided to find out how.


He took off and flew down to the ground and stood next to a small rabbit that could hop at great speeds.


“How do you run?” He asked the Rabbit


“Well just like this” replied the Rabbit and he bounced off using his back legs to spring up through the grass.


He flew up through the undergrowth and found an elephant stomping through the forest.  As he landed on this elephants back he asked


“How did you grow so big?”


The elephant turned his head towards the owl and replied “I eat all what the forest has to offer me and eat everything that my mother showed me I am allowed to eat, which is a lot of the forest”


And off he stomped every so often stopping to chomp and chew on the leaves on the trees


And so the Owl flew off again and he saw a very old looking shed under the shade of some trees.  He landed on the window sill and looked in the Shed.  In the shed he saw another Owl that looked exactly like the curious owl.  He stared in amazement.


“How did you grow to look exactly like me?” he asked


And he waited. But there was no reply.  This Owl is awfully rude he thought and he flew off


And as he flew away he noticed a chimney and out of the chimney there was a long line of smoke filling the sky air.  “How did you get here smoke?” he said to himself and obviously the smoke did not reply because smoke can’t talk and the owl realised this and he thought to himself How come you cannot talk and I can smoke and then he flew off.


As he was flying some more he noticed a tiny army of ants marching up a tree carrying leaves that were probably 5 times the size of them.


“How can you carry something so big?” he whispered to the group of ants


and one ant placed the little bit of leaf he was carrying on the floor, stood up proud and shouted “Because we have a queen to protect at home”


And the Owl flew off, higher and higher into the sky and into the clouds and he saw the clouds and he thought “How did you get up here if you don’t have any wings?” and a cloud that made the shape of an old man with a walking stick said “We are so light that we flow with the wind and get blown around into different shapes and sizes”


And he flew down low and discovered a puddle of water in an opening on the forest floor.  He stared into the puddle and again he saw that same owl in the shed window that was looking back at him.


“How did you get in there!?” He asked and again the rude owl did not reply.


It was getting dark now and the owl wondered if all of his How questions had been answered for the day and if he had learnt anything and he thought to himself that he wasn’t too sure if he had learnt anything or not!


And he thought and thought.  And the question that came into his mind was


“How do I know if I found out the things that I didn’t know how?”


And out of all the questions he asked on that day he liked this question the most and he liked the sound of the word HOW and he said it over and over HOW HOW HOW HOW.


And as he flew back to his nest high high in the tree tops he sang HOW HOW HOW






And he got to his nest and he fell asleep.  He wasn’t to sure if he had found out How at all but he enjoyed the day very much and he wondered what things he would like to try and find out about ‘hows’ tomorrow.


And the very next day he woke up he looked into the forest and a tree had fallen over in the and some of the forest had been destroyed and the owl thought