Compassionate Inquiry

What is it Compassionate Inquiry?

Compassionate Inquiry is a psychotherapeutic approach that has been developed by Dr Gabor Maté that reveals what lies beneath the appearance that we present to the world.

You may find compassionate inquiry useful to gain a deeper level of understanding of some of the problems that you are experiencing in your life and in relation to your children. Through Compassionate Inquiry we can recognise more of the unconscious dynamics that run our lives and how explore how to liberate them. 

Why Compassionate Inquiry?

There are many ways we can help our children with their education and well-being. One of those ways is to be open to and start to gain more of an awareness of the processes and/or mechanisms within ourselves that as parents we expose our children too. This is completely normal and as parents happens to all of us, as wonderfully illustrated by the British Poet Philip Larking in ‘This be the verse’.

If you are open to exploring and finding out more about these unconscious processes that can run our lives and the way we parent then Compassionate Inquiry could be for you.

How does it work?

Sessions will take place online using zoom. You’ll just need private space with a good internet connection. I’ll be your Compassionate Inquiry Counsellor and facilitate the inquiry.

If you would like to explore this then I can offer a free 15 minute chat where we can meet and answer any questions that you may have. There is no commitment to enter into the inquiry with me and you are welcome just to have a chat to see if this might be useful for you.

Cost – £60 for 1 hour session

To find out more about Compassionate Inquiry you can head to my new website

You’re conflicts, all the difficult things, the problematic situations in your life, are not chance or haphazard, they’re actually yours. They’re specifically yours, designed specifically for you, by a part of you that loves you more than anything else. The part of you that loves you more than anything else has created roadblocks to lead you to yourself. You’re not going to go in the right direction unless there’s something pricking you in the side telling you, look here, this way. That part of you loves you so much that it won’t let you lose the chance. It will go to extreme measures to wake you up. It will make you suffer greatly if you don’t listen. What else can it do, that’s its purpose.”